Interview, RCI

Documentary: Quebec My Country Mon Pays

By Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International

Filmmaker and former Montrealer John Walker discusses his film, Quebec My Country Mon Pays, and the hundreds of thousands of English Montrealers who reluctantly felt they had to leave Quebec.

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Review, Le Devoir

«Québec My Country mon pays» – Une histoire parcellaire du Québec

André Lavoie, Collaborateur

Lavoie touches on John Walker’s intimate perspective on a tumultuous time — growing up in a protected space where he did not hear the raging anger until the first bombs and the first insults of his fellow hockey players on outdoor skating rinks. Walker was awakened to a sense of alienation that others already knew: being a minority within a minority majority in their own country.

Rating: ★★★ 1/2

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Interview, Global News Morning Montreal

Quebec My Country Mon Pays

With Laura Casella, Global News Morning Montreal

Director John Walker joins Global’s Laura Casella to talk about his latest movie, Québec My Country Mon Pays.

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Review, La Chronique Cinéma

Review by Michel Coulombe

Film columnist Michel Coulombe reviews Transformers: The Last Knight and Quebec My Country Mon Pays on the exodus of anglophones following the Quiet Revolution.

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CKUT 90.3FM – Off the Hour – Interview with John Walker

Listen to an interview with John Walker, the maker of Quebec My Country, Mon Pays which was screened at La Cinematheque Quebecoise de Montreal on Monday, 19th. He discussed his personal history and the Quebec’s Quiet Revolution which took place in the 1960’s and unleashed cultural and political changes that lead to the separatist movement and the FLQ crisis.

Interview, Cult Montreal

Quebec My Country Mon Pays paints a conflicted portrait

By Alex Rose, Cult Montreal

John Walker discusses the challenges of telling a personal story, but recognizes how it helped him address a tumultuous period in both his own history and in Canada’s.

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Memo to anglo progressives: Even friendly nationalism excludes

Progressive anglophone nationalists are a small but curious Quebec constituency; some are even sympathetic to the sovereignist cause.

By Dan Delmar, Special to Montreal Gazette

Delmar considers the downsides of nationalism — for all parties involved — in his response to Quebec My Country Mon Pays.

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Interview, Médium large

Un documentaire sur l’exil des Anglos-Québécois qui ne fait pas l’unanimité

With Stéphan Bureau, Radio-Canada

In Quebec My Country Mon Pays, filmmaker John Walker takes a historical and personal look at the 1960s and 1970s, which saw the birth of the independence movement and Quebec identity affirmation. These movements prompted many Anglo-Quebecers, including the filmmaker’s parents, to leave. According to Patricia Boushel, however, one of the problems with the documentary is that it deals with a reality that is no longer representative of the current situation between anglophones and francophones.

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place à une minorité méconnue

Les Méconnus

The English-speaking filmmaker John Walker, a native Montrealer, considers what it means to be a true “Quebecer” in the documentary Quebec My Country My Country.

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Québec My Country Mon Pays soirée Cinémagique le 19 juin, en salle le 23 juin


In a film full of love and nostalgia, filmmaker John Walker, born in Montreal, unveils his complex relationship with Quebec as he traces the aftermath and the aftermath of the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s.

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