Review, Trilby Jeeves ~ Bouffon Droppings…

Review by Trilby Jeeves

With the tragedy at a Quebec City mosque top of mind, Jeeves reflects on her own time spent living in Quebec City and Montreal, and why she ultimately left the province she loved so much.

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La Presse: Le Québec vu par un exilé

Marc Cassivi, La Presse

John Walker’s new film, Quebec My Country Mons Pays, offers a perspective on Quebec from that of an Anglophone who, terrified by the bombs of the Front de libération du Québec and the rise of ethnic nationalism, eventually left his native land.

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Review, NOW Toronto: Quebec My Country Mon Pays

Master Filmmaker John Walker’s Moving Personal Journey Through Quebec’s Quiet Revolution

Review By Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto

Wilner praises Walker’s quiet and personal take on the history of Quebec’s distinct society, which is set for a commercial run after premiering at the Hot Docs film festival this past spring.

Rating: NNNN

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RIDM, Reencuentro Internacional de documentales de Montreal, películas recomendadas

Patricia Morales Betancourt, Sal de Presse

Quebec My Country Mon Pays is one of many recommended films to see at this year’s Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM).

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Interview, Le Devoir: L’inconfort de la différence

Le cinéaste John Walker se penche avec émotion sur la fracture linguistique au Québec

By Jean Dion, Le Devoir

John Walker discusses his new documentary, Quebec My Country Mons Pays, a lament over his decision to leave his home province of Québec amid the mass migration of several hundred thousand anglophones from the 1960s to the 1990s.

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Interview, Montreal Gazette: John Walker talks about his documentary on anglo exodus from Quebec

By Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette

Kelly discusses with John Walker his new documentary, Quebec My Country Mons Pays, and the personal journeys he took growing up in and eventually leaving Quebec, and in making the film itself.

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Trois films à ne pas manquer aux Rencontres du documentaire

Maxim Demers, Le Journal de Montréal

Quebec My Country Mon Pays is one of three documentary films not to be missed at this year’s Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM).

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Review, Avenir Vivable: Quebec My Country Mon Pays

Review By Michael Hoare, Avenir Vivable

Hoare praises Walker’s film as a model of personal narration and emotional exorcism, while acknowledging the political problems yet to be resolved by Quebeckers and Canadians.

Réflexion en français (PDF)

Reflection in English (PDF)

Le Devoir: Le regard bienveillant d’un Québécois anglophone qui s’est exilé

Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press in Toronto

Assuring that he has never been anti-French, John Walker tells his own exile experience and vision of the Quiet Revolution in the film Quebec My Country Mon Pays, which premiered at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto.

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At last we hear the ringing voice of an ex-Montrealer

Documentary filmmaker John Walker grew up an English-speaking Quebecer, alongside French children that didn’t seem to like anglophone kids like himself.

By Ken McGoogan

Blogger Ken McGoogan applauds John Walker and his portrayal of the “Quebec problem” from the perspective of an Anglophone growing up in Montreal during this tumultuous time. Film-maker John Walker, who earned well-deserved kudos with his docudrama Passage, has worked magic again with Quebec My Country Mon Pays.

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